Open Play March 2022

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Check out a Forge Gaming Monthly Community Event! Loose schedule, 20 seats available and name your price tickets!

March 12th

12:00p – Doors Open.
1:00p – Start.
Play / Compete / Equip
11:59p – Finish.

The Forge

Join us in person.
Our location:
9339 Brooker St.
Litchfield, OH 44253

Salt-Free Gaming.

Forge Gaming is about creating fun, salt-free gaming environments for all gamers. We invite all gaming platforms and playing styles, from competitive tournaments to casual play. Either way, we desire to be a community of gamers that play and compete together.

Our Community Events are dedicated to this concept. So often we game alone and online, our goal is to create spaces for gamers to come together and build real-life relationships together!

What’s Included:
  • 3′ of table space
  • Basic chair or BYOC
  • Power
  • Internet
Social Distancing Guidelines:
  • Masks optional
  • Respect other’s space
  • Signed event waiver required
  • If you’re not feeling well, see you next month!

Good to Know.

Checking out a Forge Gaming Community Event? Awesome! These are some good things to know before attending. Things you shouldn’t forget and things you should just leave at home

Bring this:
  • Computer/Console/Handheld
  • All Peripherals (Headphones, Keyboard, Mouse…and pad)
  • If under age 18, responsible adult needed
  • Change of clothes (Dodgeball or other activities)
  • Your own food and beverage (Forge Gaming may provide)
Don’t Bring This:
  • Audio Equipment / Speakers
  • TVs / Projectors – we have these!
  • Any powered refrigeration
  • Alcohol

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Super Smash Bros






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