Over 100+ seats available for PC and console gamers. 24+ hours of playing, competing and equipping. Bring a friend and gain some new ones.

October 21-22, 2022

Registration is open!

$40 ticket price. Includes badge and lanyard, 3' table space, basic chair, some meals, snacks, beverages, BAWLS energy drinks, raffle ticket, endless amounts of fun with others and much more.

565 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd. | Akron, OH 44333

Salt-Free & Positive Gaming For All Gamers.

We invite all gamers, platforms and playing style, whether you’re the competitive type or more into casual play. We desire to be a community of gamers that play and compete well. You can expect an environment of hospitality, a full schedule to join in on and ways to engage others while gaming.

Why do we hold ourselves to this standard in such a typically toxic environment as gaming? Check out our StoryTime at each LAN where we share the story and message of Jesus.

Registration Includes:

  • 3′ Table Space & Basic Chiar
  • Power & Internet
  • Badge & Lanyard
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Snacks & Beverages
  • BAWLS Energy Drinks
  • Friday Pizza & Salad Dinner
  • Saturday Sub Lunch
  • ROFL Waffle Breakfast (BAWLS infused)

Things you shouldn't forget and things you should just leave at home.

Bring This:

  • Computer and or console
  • Gaming peripherals
  • Sleeping gear
  • Comfy chair (optional)
  • Snacks and drinks (some provided)
  • Under 18 bring a responsible adult

Don’t Bring This:

  • Speakers
  • Projectors
  • Any powered refrigeration
  • Drugs or Alcohol
  • Weapons

Equipping gamers for all kinds of real life situations.

Clean Your Rig

When: 2:00p Friday, October 21st
Presenter: Brad (Organic_Churros)

So maybe it’s been awhile…if ever, that you’ve cleaned your gaming rig. No shame. No judgement… but let’s get that thing cleaned up right at the start of our LAN before you put your rig through 24+ hours of intense gaming with others! We’ll provide the tools and the pro tips you need to run a clean and cool LAN!

Intro to Alpha

When: 9:00a Saturday, October 22nd
Presenter: Steve (stevenleevan)

Forge Gaming hosts Alpha, an open and informal conversation about life, spirituality, and the person of Jesus without judgement or pressure. We want to hear your thoughts and questions as we explore these themes together without the pressured atmosphere that usually comes with these conversations.

Home LAN

When: 5:00p Friday, October 21st
Presenter: Joe (JOOOOOOOOOO)

Ever wanted to put on your very own LAN party at home? We’d love to help you get started! We’ll provide you with some wisdom and thoughts on running a small home LAN along with what gear and logistics it takes to pull it off.

D&D Lunch-n-Learn w/ Sellsword

When: 12:00p Saturday, October 22nd
Presenter: Brennan (Sellsword)

Dine with Sellsword and friends as we discuss our monthly Forge D&D group, answer your D&D-related questions, and even demo the game!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I’m under 18?
Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Will there be alternative meal options for dietary restrictions?
We would love to accommodate, please email or DM an admin on Discord.

What are the sleeping arrangements?
For those that wish to get some sleep like normal humans, we will have dedicated men’s and women’s sleeping areas. This is a basic room with a hard floor, so you may want to bring a cot, mattress, pillows, blanket, sleeping bag or whatever camping style sleep gear you can.

Why am I paying $35 to LAN?
If we could make these free we totally would! However, 100% of our costs go to providing an awesome LAN experience with meals, beverages, snacks, power, internet, a sweet venue, raffle and tournament prizes and anything else we need to LAN.

Wait, is this a Christian LAN party?
Forge Gaming is a nonprofit gaming ministry which means that we think the most awesome and loving thing to do is share the story and message of Jesus to gamers and care for gamers in various ways. Everything at our LAN is optional including ways to learn about Jesus (StoryTime, Workshops, Forge Study). We aren’t just for Christians, and we are honored and respectful to anyone joining our LAN!

Forge LAN 19 Schedule


Official Start & Welcome!
Random Steam Game w/Prize!
Minecraft Community Build Start!
Bring Your Own Lunch & Play 2 Win: Skull King
Open Play & Clean Your Rig Workshop
VALORANT Tournament & Riot Games Hour
VALORANT Tournament & Old LAN Games
Open Play & Home LAN Workshop
Dinner & StoryTime
Overwatch 2 Tournament
Deliverance: Pre-Release Exclusive Tabletop Run Through
Fortnite Survival Hour


Forge Flash! Warzone Private Match
Among Us & Fall Guys
Sleep / Open Play
ROFL Waffles & Forge Study
Open Play & Alpha Intro
Community Poll Games
D&D Lunch-n-Learn w/ Sellsword
Super Smash Bro's Tournament
Random Steam Game w/Prize!
Final Raffle / Tear Down & Go Home

Our Typical LAN Games

Beat Saber




Diablo II




Smash Brothers  Ultimate


Starcraft II

Among Us