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About Us

We are Forge Gaming, a nonprofit committed to offering positive gaming experiences designed for playing, competing and equipping for life. We exist to share the story and message of Jesus with gamers!

Joe knew that he loved Jesus, gaming and tech (probably in that order). He realized that those three things didn't need to be separate passions. Then, Forge LAN began.

A sermon and conviction leading to action.

With Proverbs 27v17 being foundational, Forge LAN grew into Forge Gaming. We're so excited to see what Jesus continues to do in and through gamers!

Meet The Team

Meet our team of board members, directors, leaders, volunteers. No matter what the title, each and every person on our team is invaluable to the mission of Forge Gaming.

President, Founder

Joe Clarke

I am a technologist, family man, and all around geek who loves Jesus and video games. My true passion for LAN parties comes from playing games with friends after work, and was convicted about using my skills to further God’s kingdom in a real way. Forge Gaming was started in 2011 with the idea that we needed an avenue to make Gospel of Jesus clear to gamers and gaming culture.

VP, Executive Director

Steve VanMeter

Hey, I’m Steve! I’m just a random disciple of Jesus, husband to an amazing wife, father to four awesome children and a pastor. Growing up playing video games and coming to know Jesus at age 21, I love that Forge Gaming has inspired ways to share Jesus with other gamers while equipping the church to make disciples in these spaces. If you see me online, I’m probably multitasking…learning, reading, listening and maybe playing games like FFXIV, VALORANT or catching up on some anime.

Find me on most things as: stevenleevan

Board Member

Rich Dyson

R.J Dyson

Personal Coach
Creatives Coach. Disciple. Author.

David Jamison

Hey, y’all! I’m David Jamison (AKA “DJ the Tall”), better known around the internet as ZillyOtter (or just Zilly)! I like to think of myself as something of a renaissance man to compensate for the reality that I have too many interests, too little time, and no idea what I’m doing. I love to play sports but can’t understand watching them, I love to watch esports and competitive video games but can’t understand playing them, I love to write stories but reading them gets tedious, and I’m the first to tell you how critical it is to have a full night’s rest as I stay up online until 4 AM (I have work at 8). As I wander aimlessly about and constantly experiment with new goals in life, I always thank God for the amazing friends and community I’ve found with Forge Gaming, starting all the way back at LAN 7 and helping to carry me through the highs and lows of life to this day. I can only hope to pay that blessing forward by sharing the love of Christ alongside those who first shared it with me.

Board Member

Norm Hensley

Norm Hensley


Ryan Rice


Dungeon & Waffle Master

Brennan Ashby

Hey there! My name is Brennan Ashby, just a nerdy husband and father living in Wadsworth. By day I’m a web content/marketing specialist, by night I’m a tabletop game designer and avid game player. Today I play mostly RPGs (tabletop and digital), tabletop games, survival games, and mostly anything but hardcore FPSs. I met Joe Clark just before ForgeLAN 1 through a mutual friend. After helping run the first Forge event, and learning what Forge Gaming was all about, I was hooked. It was through Joe and Forge Gaming that I rekindled my connection with Christ, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I wholeheartedly believe in what Forge Gaming does, so I help further its cause when and wherever I can.

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Statement of Faith

“We declare that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God as revealed in the Bible, the written Word of God, is the only Savior and Lord. He is the center of our shared experience of true biblical unity.”

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