LAN 16 at Home

Play apart, together.


We’re encouraging everyone who is safely able to squad up with friends and LAN it up together in your own homes! We will have some LAN party ”how to’ resources at the ready for you. Make sure to check out our LAN gear section below so you are ready to rock.

Does it cost to join up?

LAN 16 is 100% free! Some events require registration but there will be no cost associated with the registration. We are in the process of creating some special items that will only be available for a limited time for purchase in our merch below; including the return of the Forge Crate!

Friday November 6

  • 12:00p Welcome! LAN How To’s & Housekeeping
  • 1:00p Minecraft Community Build Start!
  • 2:00p Modern Warfare Tournament
  • 2:00p VALORANT
  • 4:00p Dedicated Break & Promo’s!
  • 5:00p Team Fortress 2
  • 5:00p Open Play
  • 7:00p Dinner / Community
  • 7:30p Story Time – Part 1
  • 8:00p Overwatch Tournament: Kickball Team Formation
  • 8:00p Minecraft
  • 10:00p Dedicated Break & Promo’s!
  • 11:00p The Gospel and Mental Health

Saturday November 7

Sunday November 8

  • 12:00a Forge Flash
  • 1:00a Diablo III – Act 1 Hardcore Speed Run
  • 2:00a – 8:00a Sleep/Break/Open Play
  • 8:00a Forge Study
  • 10:00a Among Us!
  • 11:15a Grace Church Live Stream
  • 12:15p Final Raffle and Event End


LAN 16 at Home Lineup

Individual event details ARE AVAILABLE BELOW! Click on the box to get more information about a specific event.

Friday at 1:00 PM

Minecraft Community Build

Friday at 2:00 PM

Warzone Tournament

Friday at 5:00 PM

Team Fortress 2

Friday at 7:30 PM

Story Time Pt. 1

Friday at 8:00 PM

Overwatch Tournament: Kickball Teams Formation

Sunday at 12:00 AM

Mystery Old School Speed Run

Saturday at 12:00 AM

Midnight Raffle (Marbles on Stream)

Saturday at 9:00 AM

Missional Parenting in Video Game Culture

Saturday at 10:00 AM

Smash Brothers Ultimate

Saturday at 1:00 PM

Custom Artemis Campaign

Saturday at 1:00 PM

Fortnite Tournament

Saturday at 4:00 PM

Internet Controls for Parents

Saturday at 6:30 PM

Story Time Pt. 2

Saturday at 7:00 PM

Overwatch Tournament

Sunday at 1:00 AM

Diablo III Speed Run

LAN Gear

More are coming! Hit up the #partners_sponsors channel if you want the inside track on what’s coming up.

Forge Gaming Partner Offers

Coming soon!