Forge LAN April 2021



We are bringing back our IRL LAN events in limited capacity to do our best to help ensure safety. Our plan is to hold them every other month, with the social distancing precautions you’ve come to expect.


Only registered attendees can be physically present to help ensure safety. These exclusive events are for in-person attendees only, we have a waiting list available if capacity is full.

April 10th

  • 9:00 AM Start
  • Play and Compete Events
  • Story Time with Forge Gaming
  • 11:59 PM End


  • 6′ of table space
  • Power and Internet
  • Up to 4 complimentary BAWLS energy drinks
  • Badge and Lanyard
  • Exclusive Forge LANer Discord Role


  • 9339 Brooker St., Litchfield, OH 44253

What to Expect:

A fun, salt free gaming.
Cross platform, casual and competitive gaming.
Good times with human interaction and a short message about Jesus.

What to Bring:

Computer or gaming console with all peripherals and cables.
Headphones for ambient noise reduction.
Bring your own chair is recommended, basic chair available on request.
Subway and Tonio’s deliver, this time you’ll have to buy and bring your own food, snacks and drinks.

What not to Bring:

Speakers or projectors.
Alcohol, venue policy.

Social Distancing Guidelines:

Masks should be worn unless you are seated.
Individuals will be seated at least 6′ apart from other attendees.
Temperature screenings will be taken upon entry, no one above 100.4 will be permitted.
You must have signed the event waiver prior to entry to the event.


  • 16 seats…16 player max…it just makes sense
  • LAN games are best games
  • SWAT team vs invisible science experiment
  • Definitely tons of fun at a LAN!
  • Hardcore Survival Challenge
  • Group build project


  • 1v1 RocketLeague
  • Double Elimination
  • Time: Afternoon
  • Prize: TBD
  • Entry: Ticketed Attendees Only
  • Quads Tournament
  • Form your own team
  • Time: Evening
  • Prizes: TBD
  • Entry: Ticketed Attendees Only


At every LAN, we have a short message about Jesus.

Got questions?

Ask in our Discord