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How We Do Ministry


Many of the 2.5 billion gamers around the world are casual gamers. The type that plays games on their phone, and don’t really think about why (their designed to be addicting after all). Others just love to escape reality or sees gaming as another hobby to sink hours on end into (not saying that’s healthy, it’s just reality). So, we have some choices, demonize and avoid gaming altogether, give in and play countless hours of games ourselves, or find that sweet middle ground where you can meet gamers and be on mission to tell them or equip them for following after Jesus. This is why we’ll play games with people throughout the week, months and at events!


Say it with me, “eSports”. It’s a real thing. In fact, it’s over a 1-billion-dollar industry and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. We desire to meet all kinds of gamers where they are at and some of the 2.5 billion gamers are seeking after the thrill of competition. Some will just sign up for a tournament in confidence to win whatever prize before them. Others will start getting actual college degrees, sponsorships and drafted into teams with coaches all for competitive gaming. We’re engaged in this often times very toxic environment to share the love of Jesus by going to and putting on our own gaming tournaments.


As we build relationships and trust with gamers, our hope is to be able to speak into their actual lives. Speaking into the issues that gamers (and all humans really) often face such as addictions, loneliness, depression just to name a few. Furthermore, we want to equip gamers that are Christian to live on mission with those that they are playing with and around. As we play games, we are equipping people for real life through prayer, the Spirit and God’s Word, drawing them closer to discipleship and seeing disciples make disciples and with gaming we can do this with all nations!

Ministry Spaces

Creating positive gaming environments both online and in person.


Expose people to Jesus.


Invite people into community.


Disciple people in the way of Jesus.

Ministry Model

Go where gamers are.

Empowering followers of Jesus to actively seek out gamers where they are at through non Forge Gaming branded conferences, online spaces, gaming events, game stores, LAN’s, etc,.


Bring gamers into community.

Intentionally invite gamers you meet as you go about everyday life into your community or various Forge Gaming environments such as an actual Forge location, Community Events, Discord community, Forge LAN, Online Events, etc.


Discuss real life.

Inviting curious gamers to deal with real life and investigate the way of Jesus through Alpha, Discord, Forge Studies, podcast, small groups, and workshops.


Disciple into the life and the way of Jesus.

Sharpening one another through active discipleship, Missions Trips, and serving opportunities.


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