Forge Tabletop is where gamers of all walks of life come together to play strategy/board games and build community. We host games and tournaments, eat good food, do Side Quests, and have fun!

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What to Expect:

Expect a fun and family friendly atmosphere! Come ready to play games with old friends and make some new ones!  Sign up to play or host a game. 

Welcome to…

Forge Tabletop 2!

Forge Tabletop is an Ohio based tabletop gaming event that has been around since 2018. We’re excited to announce that our second Tabletop event will be in April 2019!

Location: TBD

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Forge Tabletop’s most popular games:



Lords of Waterdeep

Forbidden Desert


Formula D


Star Wars Rebellion

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait...a Christian tabletop event?

Well, sort of. We’re seriously stoked if you’re interested in coming regardless of what you think about the church or religion in general. In fact, we consider it a privilege that you would join us. During the event, there is an optional Side Quest where we give a challenge for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Do I have to be 18 or older?

You do not have to be 18 and older.  However if you are under the age of 16, we ask that you please be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Why does it cost money?

Every event we host at Forge Gaming has underlying costs, which we try to keep to a minimum. The cost of entry helps us defray incurred costs like food, beverage, and door prizes.

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