May Monthly Online Event


Prizes for the Winning Team

TBD, more details as we get closer to the event!

Forge Study

We have a Forge Study as a part of every monthly online event. Stay tuned to the stream for more on this!

Game Rules



  • Must be present in assigned Forge Gaming Discord voice channel to play; this helps us understand who is assembled and ready
  • Keep in game text chat clean for Twitch family friendly stream requirements
  • Each team is encouraged to submit in Discord an family friendly team logo and name banner measuring 800×200 to be placed on stream
  • Max registered team size should be mentioned in the game specific rules
  • Registration is not required for any applicable coaches
  • Grand Finale is leveraged, which means the lower bracket must win twice during the finals
  • 1 game is 1 tournament round; best of 1
  • Initial bracket placement will be determined randomly